Book Review: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

I think I was supposed to like Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel, or maybe everyone was supposed to like it, or something. So why do I feel, bleh? Is it the author's meandering style or my own anxiety over the super secret news (see how I get off on keeping you hanging)? I'm hinging on the latter, considering it is a well constructed tale that reeks of the Bronte's Yorkshire moors.

Let's nutshell it: Biographer gets roped into project with world famous, yet reclusive author who strings said biog along on a tale that takes months to spill. It's twins, Jane Eyre, a fire, scandalous family interaction.

Go ahead and give it a read, maybe I'm a freak. Well I know I'm a freak––I've nurtured that moniker––but you might like it, anyway.

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