The Two Big Things

Saturday brought my editor's revision notes on the first book. And…surprises, they should be a cinch. Here's my favorite line: In terms of revisions, not much needs to be done. Of course, I'm so anal-retentive, I've been staring at the opening sentence like it had a target on it. It does. It has to go.


You'd think I'd be relieved. And I would, if it weren't for the super secret news from my agent. I'm dying to spill the beans. But he'd or they'd or someone would shoot me. I'm fairly certain.

We watched Night at the Museum last night; a friend brought it over. She gushed about how funny it was, and that we were going to love it. So we watched, and you can probably guess what happened. Yep. It was like visual Ambien. I was drifting within the first five minutes. I guess it was "cute", but really more suited to a thirty minute Twilight Zone kinda show. Ben Stiller is on my last nerve. Does anyone remember when he had his own show on Fox (back when he was funny), and he did Ask Charlie from Manson's prison cell? That was the funny Stiller.

"Check your muffler."

Speaking of Ambien, I'm off to finish reading The Thirteenth Tale for my book club. Maybe it's the news I'm sitting on but this book could be summed up way quicker than four hundred pages.