Shambling into the Past

I just finished setting up my myspace page, which brings my web presence to four sites (livejournal, Blogger, Webpage). I'm going to need a P.A. to deal with them all––not that kind of P.A. you dirty birds. Who would have thought that writing was just as much a marketing gig as a creative outlet? I'm busted. My first friend request was quite hospitable, although she wanted to show me "things" and have me toss her salad. Was that inappropriate? I prefer blue cheese on mine.

Delete! Luckily, Joe swept in to keep Tom, the myspace tech, company.

This is the end. There shall be no further technological advances, I hereby decree. But don't be surprised if I show up at your myspace asking to be friends. In fact, expect it. Do the same to me.

Let's all force electronic friendships together.