I've finally settled on the scheme of my website. I went through these series of titles for it, like: The Boneyard, and shit like that. But ultimately decided that sounded like a porn site. The previous author site just bugged the shit out of me, and since I've been struggling with abolishing distractions from my laptop, I needed a site I could live with. The content hasn't changed much but it looks like this now:

On the writing side of things, I've put down Road Trip to focus on Most Likely to Dismember, my goth Nancy Drew. I'm having a lot of fun with it, now, and my editor's notes are due shortly for Happy Hour of the Damned, so I'll be getting a workout on that series, soon enough. Plus there's the actual road trip next month, that I plan on harvesting for the sequel.

It's amazing how getting paid actually loosens up the writer's block. This writing thing feels real now.

Kinda scary.