What the F**k?

Why was this little girl crying during American Idol? It couldn't just have been Senjaya's screechy voice and Farrah hair, could it? Nope. She was playing up the wetworks from the beginning.

What could it be? Let's see.

• Simon's blatant neglect of his gynecomastic issues?
• Paula's abuse of the Pollyanna drug–what's it called again? Oh, yeah…crack.
• The desperate "fro patrol" pointed their picks at her?
• She's daddy's special girl?
• Ryan Seacrest's placating of rotten singers?
• Ham sandwich?

We didn't have to wait to long to find out. Because the little crying girl is on a publicity tour, she hit up the Today show this morning. Apparently, she's Senjaya's biggest fan. Which answers another question: yes. There is at least one.