A Little Pee

We finally watched Borat.

"You know this is really offensive, right?" The video store clerk asked.
"Uh…yeah. We're counting on it." I handed her my debit.

(this next bit is off subject but actually happened)

"Do you mind me asking, does it effect your credit score when you just use your card, at stores and stuff?" She's serious.
"Uh…um…no?" I said.
"Then how do you build credit?"
Who the hell do I look like? Suze Orman? But since I'm a codependent people pleaser I had to respond, "Make timely payments."

So…anyway we were hoping for a night of political incorrectness.

…and weren't disappointed. There were times we were laughing so hard we had to pause to dab our urethras. So funny. Right up there with The Sweet Hereafter (joking).

What's not so funny?

Fast Food Nation. Jeezuss! As if you weren't depressed by the first hour and a half, then you get to take a tour of a meat packing plant kill floor. I couldn't possibly recommend this film. It comes off as Richard Linklater's shame mouthpiece.

Ho-hum, nothing to left to write.