Jessica Morrell Workshop Opportunity

One of my writing group partners is in talks with Jessica Morrell, author of Between the Lines, and the upcoming, Bullies, Bastards and Bitches, to provide a workshop in the Olympia area. Anyone who knows Jessica is amazed at the eruption of writing knowledge during her seminars. If we can pull together 10 people @ $75 each, she can manage a full day seminar.

Here's the course description and her bio:

Plot is a Verb
Cost: $75

Writing a compelling novel requires creating a world that’s so authentic that the page will disappear and lives amid a difficult situation will rise into existence in its place. But although specificity of details, authentic, fascinating characters, and a gripping situation are required for this, first comes knowing the underpinnings of fiction—structure, scene structure, opposition, desire, character arc, plot points, set pieces, outer and inner conflict, and a setting that adds to tension. With that in mind, this workshop is a primer on plot and storyline, but it also illustrates the more sophisticated and nuanced aspects of fiction writing. Comprehensive materials and exercises will illustrate the discussion and topics include: How to build a world of unease where each aspect of the story lends credibility to the characters’ struggles on the page. How to build a story that is not a pale imitation of life, but rather a rich reenactment that is larger than life. How plot points push the story forward. How to avoid middles that languish or plod. What balance and unity mean in fiction.

Jessica Morrell began teaching writers in 1991, creating workshops that are lively, focused and filled with sensible insights. Workshop and writing conference participants have described her as: “a torrent of information,” “lots of practical information with excellent concrete examples” and, “absolutely everything she says is packed with value.” She is the author of Between the Lines: the subtler aspects of writing fiction published by Writer’s Digest Books and Writing out the Storm published by Collectors Press. Also being published in 2007 is The Writer’s I Ching by Running Press and Voices from the Street by Gray Sunshine and in February 2008 Bullies, Bastards and Bitches, the Bad Guys in Fiction by Writer’s Digest Books. Morrell works as writing coach and freelance editor and hosts a web site . She has been writing a monthly column about topics related to writing since 1998 which currently appears in The Willamette Writer, writes a monthly newsletter, The Writing Life, a web log, and contributes articles to online sites, newspapers and public radio.

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