Editing Like a Mushaboom.

Leslie Feist is keeping me company as I make a big push to clean the dirt off my dead girl. I just found this video, never seen it before, and I lub it, lub it, lub it. The album is great trippy, jazzy, all that.

It surprises me how much she looks like the hilarious Parker Posey, who by the way "doesn't act for trophies!" Excuse my meandering, but we saw For Your Consideration over the weekend, and can I say, not impressed. Shame, too. I loved Best in Show and Guffman. What did impress me was Stranger than Fiction.

Speaking of fiction: Here are my top edit issues.

• Thin description.
• Word overusage.
• Not enough time in the day.

Help me, Ms. Feist!

Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. Who's that rockin' the '80s pink satin? Why it's her nastiness Peaches (incidentally, that's one of the words you must never say to illicit a good photographic smile––ala cheese––the others are alfalfa and woah).

Now, who's up for some toast?