Distractions, Positive Reinforcement for

I'm toying around with the idea of a high school murder mystery. My sleuthing team is a goth couple who are consistently singled out as "most likely to dismember". I've got some titles (they usually come first for me––have no idea why?).

Swallowing Bitter Pills
Eating Crow
The Sour Grapes

While trying to settle on some cool names for my pair beyond the pale, I came across the Goth Name Generator!

My name is: Purgatory Snow

What's yours?


Anonymous said…
Morgana Snow!

(I have to make up for lost time)
Mark Henry said…
See now, I'm not sure I like the snow part. I'm more of a bodily fluid last name kind of guy.

How's Purgatory Puke?
Unknown said…
It christened me Esmerelda Raine. Is weather a common theme, you think?
Mark Henry said…
As long as it connotes a mood, I suspect. Nice one though, Esmerelda Raine. She's a seer, or the lead singer of an aging punk band called Spatula.