Loving the Undead? Uh…Yeah!

Loving the Undead, An Anthology of Romance…Sort Of contains my short story, An Acquired Taste. It's in preorder at From the Asylum.

The story marks the first appearance of zombie heroine Amanda Feral, and was the initial spark of The Undead Socialite's Guide to Nightlife. Check it out. Plus, it's the first thing I've ever had published, yo!



Anonymous said…
I placed my order for two books!!! Now of course I will be requesting your autograph on your story!! I hope I can be the first of many,many,many books you sign...now of course I will tell you what to write...you know the usual.."To Kevin, the light of my life..etc..etc.you know the drill.
Joe said…
Bro, that's awesome! I smell a future collectible, and consequently I am already preparing to encase the volume in a lucite block to keep its hymen forever intact.
Mark Henry said…
It'll become an heirloom, I'm sure. I'm in love with the cheesy cover.