Seattle Sirens? Not so much.

Okay, before you lay in to me about giving in to my distractions, I have no intention of turning this blog into another pop-culture toilet. But, what the hell was up with the parade of Jon-bidets on American Idol last night. Seattle is not a vocal paradise–it's too damp, the cords get mossy. There is talent here (of some variety, I guess) but strip away the guitars and let Courtney Love’s vocal timbre lull you–no way. After the two-hour audition from hell, I don’t think anyone in America will question why the Pacific Northwest is the playground for serial killers. These people are just asking for an axe to the forehead! And after the show, our local news went on a rampage, interviewing any moron that would spread their cheeks with a dramatically false offensive posture. I think I'm going to move…to the Sudan.