I Can't Believe I Found This…

Elizabeth Fraser is probably most widely known as the vocalist on Massive Attack's Teardrop single (the theme to TV's House), if she's even "known" for that. Prior to guest vocals on film soundtracks (Lord of the Rings, The Winter Guest), she fronted the incredibly unique Cocteau Twins from the early '80s to their demise in the '90s. Immensely prolific, the Twins produced a sound that was much immitated during the "shoegazer" daze in England. What could not be mimicked was Ms. Fraser's amazing voice, part blues scat, buddhist tantrist, and post-pop queen, the layering created a sound equivalent to an instrument. Lyrics become completely unnecessary.

Blue Bell Knoll was my favorite of the band's work. This clip was shot at the band's final concert in Seattle. We were not aware at the time, but the band would soon break up. Sadness. Listen for her amazing cords and that wave that rolls in at the end, and washes away the sins.

Since the above video player seems to work only sporadically, here's another. My wife's favorite: Heaven or Las Vegas.