Anatomy of a Stress Diarrhist

That's right, people–I'm churning liquid gold, it's streaming hot from the tap, burping with big brown bubbles. The editor from Penguin emailed and is taking my precious cocktail swigging corpse to her ed. director.

She said, and I quote, "This is very funny!"

One question: How freaked out should I be? Because I'm trippin' like a crackhead. I haven't had a lot of people read my stuff, and I have a tendency to disregard positive marks, but this is great right?

I couldn't help giving her some zombie research to take with. Like my character, Amanda would say: zombie is the new vampire, or; werewolves are so last season. For instance, did you know there are 23 zombie movies set for release within the next two years? I'm not shitting you–or at least on you. I figure by the time Undead Socialite could be on the shelves the market will be ripe for some bitchy mockery. But that's just me.

Fingers crossed.


Joe said…
Mark: The colon is of course best known as the stress-organ of choice among all the most successful novelists of this and every other age. Who could forget Charles Dickens' famous essay on fame "I Believe I Just Beshitted Myself" or Charles Frazier's more recent address to Random House top brass, upon securing his latest six-figure payday, provocatively titled, "That's Not Chocolate!"

Seriously, man, congrats on the great feedback from Penguin. Here's hoping you hear back from them again before you run out of Pedialite and pages from the Sears catalog.
Mark Henry said…
No doubt. If it ends up taking the "few weeks" that Liz suggested, I'll be as hunched over and raw as a prison bitch.

Seriously, me and my ass thank you for the supportive words.