Agent Hunt?

(Sorry, couldn't resist the MI reference)

I just sent off a tsunami of e-mail queries, to fairly big name agents. Not as easy as you'd think. The query itself was a bitch and a delicate one, at that. I included a micro synopsis, as well as, information on the progress of the novel at Penguin.

Actually, I spent more time researching the agents and their clientele, to make sure my writing had some similarities. Difficult, as there aren't that many horror comedy writers producing today. Apparently, I fall into the Urban Fantasy column, a newish subdivision, birthed from Josh Whedon's Buffy-gina. Ended up at three different bookstores, reading acknowledgements in the hopes of an agent shout out.

Next step is to complete a decent synopsis, for the snail mail only agents (to some of whom I'm desperate to introduce the dead girl). Problem: I've been working on the damn thing for two weeks. The one that I sent to the editor in September, reads like toilet stall scratch–can't believe I sent it. My difficulty has been in trying to present a non-linear story structure in a traditional way. I'll keep plugging away.