The Original Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! In celebration of the dark holiday, my wife and I ventured to the bank breaking theater ($36 admission, large popcorn, two drinks - the horror, the horror). The Original Halloween is showing for two nights. As neither of us have ever seen it in the theater, we thought what the hell?

Hell was exactly the right expression.

We had stepped back into the '70s (if only the pricing reflected such). The sound was so low, that popcorn crunching behind jowls and slow bubbly slurps of diet coke obscured the actors voices. When I asked an usher about the problem, she reported that this was a satellite feed and the theater could do nothing, and that the film would be grainy as well. Hey, I remember the '70s, this was proving to be a realistic flashback.

It is a credit to the film, that despite all the blurry discomfort and ear strain, and after, at least, 30 viewings, the tension still builds, Michael Myers is still a horror. Jamie Lee gives great fear.

But if you want some horror, here's some info: prior to the movie starting a brief documentary was shown. Apparently, the reason for the Original Halloween's presence in the theater was the announcement that Rob Zombie (The Devil's Rejects) is in the process of remaking Halloween.

In the end, what did I take from seeing the film on the big screen? The awful swelling of popcorn gut, and some dread (did I overdraw the account). We'll probably watch it again at home this week.