Cover Artist for Hire!

So with the cover release of L.C. Holden's ARE YOU MINE, I officially entered the ring as a cover designer for hire. Previously, I'd created covers for my own books, seen here...

But L.C. Holden was my first commission and thus will always occupy a special place in my heart. Sexy, no?

So, with that. I'm open to take a few projects from either authors, publishers or what have you. I'm currently planning on offering a package that includes a cover (with multiple sizes) and a free Facebook cover photo ad splash, like this one...

My aesthetic favors dark/sensual tones but I work closely with authors/publishers to create a unique representation of the material that will reach a maximum readership. Clients can expect a quick turnaround time and up to two drafts with multiple finish/color options. 

Pricing (subject to change):
  • Consult is free of charge
  • Custom E-book only (multiple sizes): $150
  • Createspace Flat (includes digital E-book cover): $300
  • Facebook Cover Photo Ad Splash: Included
  • Social Media Avi: Included