A Whole New Website and 4 Other Things

So this is one of them 5 things posts. I'm really just touching base to tell people that the new website contest had a bit of a glitch and at least 10 contest entries got marked as spam. Ugh. If you think that might be you then head on back to markhenry.us.

1. Like I said, markhenry.us has a totally new look and it's actually a for-real website now with lots of fun content, a section in Amanda's voice (Amanda's NSFW voice, I should say) and some cool zombie extras. Check it. I mean, if you want...oh...this:

2. Caroline and I went to see Quantum of Solace over the weekend and while we didn't love it as much as Casino Royale, it's still leaps and bounds above the Remington Steele travesties and don't even get me started on Dalton, cuz I'll vomit all over this keyboard.

3. Speaking of the weekend, on Saturday I got to be all grown up and go to lunch with new author adults, including good friend Lauren Dane, who you'll know from video blogs of her her and partner in crime, Megan Hart on Dane/Hart. Her first New York book, Undercover is out TODAY. You'll be needing to pick up a copy of that little sexy, poste haste. Especially when you see this cover, it's totally bonerfied!

4. Do you guys send out Holiday cards? We do. And I'm addressing some this afternoon. Probably won't get to them all due to low word count guilt. I really need to finish another chapter on The Dark Rites of Joe Barkley before I'm forced to flagellate myself.

5. Shit I can't think of a 5th one. If you were me, what would be my 5th thing?


Vickie said…
Really, why does there have to be a 5th thang?