Friday, August 08, 2008

My Bloggy Valentine

Please note: I'll get to the contest winner somewhere in this word salad.
--The Management
When something gets stuck in my head, it gets STUCK in my head. Take this whole My Bloody Valentine thing that I posted about on the League this week. Sure, I've moved on from thinking about the trauma of rewatching the flick, but now the band has taken over my thoughts like a 40s midnight lobotomy in some shady acres asylum.

See what I mean...

Now, I know they're not everyone's fave, but for me a little shoegaze is the perfect accompaniment to writing. No need to worry about lyrics because half the time you can't understand them anyway. Just nod and type, nod and type.

Aural crack.

You know what else is crack? Wade Robson's choreography on So You Think You Can Dance. Here's the crazy rabbit piece he did for the finale (beware nasty pirate copy)...

Creepy enough? It's one of the pieces of the Criss Angel/Cirque du Soleil show Believe at the Luxor. Reminds me a bit of the Triplets of Belville routine he did a while back. Totally addictive.

You know what else is addictive? Buying books. You know what'd come in handy? A free amazon gift card. I just happen to have one right here. Let me pick a name.

Hold on...


Let's see...

Ah, here it is...


You're the big ass winner of a $20 amazon giftcard. Email me [me (at) markhnenry (dot) us] and we'll set it up right quick. Thanks for your patronage and remember, the best way to keep a writer writing is to buy their books. If for no other reason, that they look nice on a shelf.

Speaking of books, you know what came in the mail yesterday that was bonerific? My agent sent the ARC of Carrie Ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I can't wait to chew through it, but I'll have to if I expect to get through all my awesome friend's manuscripts. Soon, though. Soon.

I think that's about all I got. I'm tapped out. Plus, I have to get over to my parents. Their guilt trip has been palpable.

Have a good weekend.

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PopinFresh said...

Thank you so much Mark!

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