The Really Big (Like Way Big) ACCIDENTALLY DEAD Giveaway Contest!

Today, July 1, 2008 marks the release in the second installment of the Accidental series, ACCIDENTALLY DEAD, by the totally fabulous, utterly amazing, stupendously brilliant, always in her color wheel Dakota Cassidy (She made us say that--all of it. We fought back. Don't laugh. We did. It got ugly. She threatened us with heinous acts of yellow. She won.).

ACCIDENTALLY DEAD picks up with ├╝ber potty mouth Nina Blackman and her newly acquired vampire woes (not to mention his undead hawtness, Greg). Here is a link to Amazon (We are subtle, aren't we?)

In celebration of Nina's release, and because Dakota's such a bitch--er, so charming, we're having a scavenger hunt where you can win big! (Don't whine. Didn't we say killer prizes were involved?)

So here's what ya gotta do—Visit the blogs of Michele Bardsley, Mark Henry (that's me), and Toni McGee Causey (in that order, people) then hit Dakota's blog and get yer quiz on. That's it! All entrants who post correct answers in the comments section of Dakota's blog will be thrown into a random drawing. The prizes:

* Dakota's giving away a signed copy of THE ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF, a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate, and an RT tote bag from RT 2008 filled with some goodies!

* Mark's upchucking an autographed copy of HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED (and maybe another surprise or two … it's a purge, darling, you never know what'll show up).

* Toni's offering an autographed copy of BOBBIE FAYE'S VERY (very, very, very) BAD DAY and other Bobbie goodness. We promise she won't blow up another bridge (at least not near you).

* Michele's spewing (again … gah! Can she get control of that spittle issue already?) an autographed ARC of WAIT TILL YOUR VAMPIRE GETS HOME and some Broken Heart swag.

Those damned contest rules: Entries must be posted to Dakota's blog by midnight (CST) Wednesday July 2, 2008. All correct answers from participants will be placed in a random drawing. ONE winner will be announced on Dakota’s blog on July 3, 2008. The winner must contact Dakota to collect the prizes.

Go on with yer bad selves (and remember visit the blogs in the following order)…
Michele's Blog
Mark's Blog
Toni's Blog
Dakota's Blog


And now for the interview!

Me: Now, you know I've got a hard-on for bitchy protagonists, so I'm psyched about ACCIDENTALLY DEAD's Nina. Tell us about the decision to switch to a new protagonist rather than continue with Marty.

Dakota: I get bored--like really bored. I'm kidding. Well, not totally--Marty's story was ovah and she got her HEA. She said so, and I'm all about moving on. Nina, being the pushy broad she is decided it was time everyone hear her tale of whoa (and no, I didn't spell that wrong--I meant whoa. Like whoa, WTF?). I love a chick who has no sensor. I also love a chick who needs to be tamed. Nina applied for the job--she totally fit the job description--I hired her :)

Me: Here's a scenario. You think the camera crew following you 24 hours per day is due to your newfound celebrity author status, until you are lured to a shabby trailer home in the country--and I use the term "home" loosely. What's inside?

Dakota: A party for me hosted by, Michele Bardsley, Renee George, Jaynie, and Terri (some of my closest BFF's). It's their idea of a "cocktail party". You know, BBQ baked beans, roasted armadillo, and Cheese Whiz? OMG--wait till they read this--LOLLOL. I'm in deep shit :)

Me: People are going to want to get their copies of ACCIDENTALLY DEAD signed with some special personal note. What are you gonna jot in there to keep your fans happy? Something naughty, I hope.

Dakota: Nina says you're a perv--she's right, isn't she? I can promise you this--it won't be about unicorns and frickin' rainbows signed with hearts over the letter I :)

And now, lets ask La Nina some stuff...

Me: Dental hygiene is important to you. Any plans for a late night dental clinic, if you know what I mean?

Nina: Yer a freak, aren't you? A flippin' perv. I knew it. Late night this, you weirdo fucktard.

Me: Ouch. My mother told me that cursing was an indicator of a poor vocabulary. To which, I always respond: If that's true, then why do they always ask what's your favorite curse word on The Actor's Studio with James Lipton? She usually shakes her head. That said, what's your favorite dirty word?

Nina: Your new nickname--see above :)

Me: Meow. What's the one thing that sucks about being all vampy, kitten?

Nina: Stupid questions about it?

Woah, this kitten's got a whip.


That should be enough for you to get the right answers for the contest. Remember to head over to Toni and Michele's before you end up at Dakota's for the contest. Don't leave your responses here or they won't be counted. Seriously.

Now go!