Book Report: The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy

The Accidental Werewolf hit my radar right about the time Happy Hour hit the shelves, it seemed to be everywhere I looked, intentionally, I suspect, and often in much shorter piles on the new release tables, hurting my book's feelings...and mine. Still, who could argue with that cover? So purple (lavender, actually), so cute, so...ironic. I intentionally didn't buy it--oh it was perused enough, I assure you--but to purchase it would be heresy. A comedic paranormal chick-litty type thing? Oh no, isn't that what I wrote? It could stay right where it was, thank you.

Then, by chance, I met the author at the Romantic Times Convention and it was like we were separated at birth--along with one Michelle Rowen. I could see the deviance in her eyes, her words dripping with sarcasm and a vibrating Cathy Moriarty growl. There were subtle differences, of course, my words don't drip as much as they ooze from festering open sores, and my deviance is a tad more malignant. I feared the worst and it was true. Dakota Cassidy was actually nice.


You know what that meant; I was required to read her book (and interview her-Saturday, June 14th at the League). Oh, the humanity...or was it humility? So I snatched up a couple of her books at the RT book fair (Cuz yeah, there'll be an awesome giveaway on Saturday, too) and steeled myself.

As it turns out...

The Accidental Werewolf sucked me right in. Here's the rundown: Marty Andrews is an ambitious up-and-comer at Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics, landing the big accounts, upgrading to the ultra-fashionable Lavender suit and uh...wait a minute...sprouting more hair than a chia pet in 100% humidity. It seems the drool-worthy guy who's been hanging around isn't just eye candy, but a furreal werewolf. And, now, so is Marty.

Marty's pleasant persona goes out the window when those canine hormones hit and that's when I fell in love, the minute she went snarky. And those barbs are funny. Nina, one of Marty's associates, is pure spitfire with a pottymouth (and I think we all know I dig that).

Now, I know AW is a paranormal romance and all, and those reviews are supposed to mention the "hero", but I'm not interested in that. Yeah, there's a guy in it. The sex was pretty hot and the situations cracked with an off-kilter humor--the kind I think my readers will get off on. The villains are villainous and the heroine is just like us...clueless, egocentric enough to think we're invincible. Real. I am. Against my better judgement, pimping Dakota Cassidy's werewolf chuckler--I'd almost be ashamed, if I didn't enjoy the damn thing so much.

Nicely played Cassidy! Nicely played.