A Winner, a Tease...Yahoo!

We've got a winner in the Personal Demons contest. Shvetufae over on livejournal came out of the hat. Her best advice...

"When you get angry at what someone else does, take a look at yourself and ask if it's because you're afraid you do the same thing in some form."

Beautiful and sound. Email me your address and I'll get that book off to you right away. me@markhenry.us


Over on the League of Reluctant Adults, change is in the air. There's a NEW League coming. Check in on Monday and see for yourself.


Now for something really cool. Plague Carrier #1 (mela_lyn) and I have been working on a yahoo group for those of you infected by Happy Hour of the Damned, Amanda Feral, zombies and/or snark in general. I hope you'll all sign up and make it your first choice for distraction.

Join the Glamazombies now...

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