Books, Books and More Books

It's a big day for urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Just check out the book birthdays over at Urban Fantasy Land. Break a leg, ladies!

One of the things I forgot to mention in my previous RT blogs were all the free and signed books I snagged. Take a look...

So some of these are mine, but more importantly some of them are for you. Where should we begin? I'm thinking Personal Demons, since I'm throwing Stacia a book club at the League (save the date: May 12th). This one's not signed, since she's trapped in the Tower of London or somewhere, chained to a computer. So how about a contest?

Are you up for it?

Since Stacia's main character is a psychotherapist and I've got a bit of experience with that, let's roll with our best advice. Just leave it in the comments and I'll choose a winner at random. There are no wrong answers.

My best advice: Never go to bed angry...or...resolve the issue before it has time to fester.

I'll draw on Friday. That's it. Go!


Tarot By Arwen said…
Sigh. This is my third attempt to leave this comment. I think I need more coffee. Oh wait, haven't had any. That's the problem.

My beloved mama who was always good for pithy bits of wisdom and other useless things told me:

Never wear a necklace to bed. You will choke and die.


To this day (and I'm pushing 50 quite happily) I will get back up if I try to sleep while wearing a necklace. My sister was not impressed with this bit of advice (I think she got never run in open toed shoes or you will stub your toe).
Anonymous said…
Best advice I can think of for myself ATM would be:

Put down the chocolate covered cherries. And walk. Away. Pronto.

Love your blog BTW. I've got Happy Hour of the Damned in my TBR pile too and it's climbing to the top.