Norwescon Checklist

Three and a half hours from now, I'll be making the drive to Norwescon, I've got a few stops to make (to pick up some glow-in-the-dark zombie finger puppets and more jelly beans). Then, I'll muster all my courage and begin the battle with the parking Gods.

Here's what I've got...

• Easter Basket with surprise eggs for my reading on Sunday
• Test tubes of edible "platelets"
• Box of promo postcards (my pens didn't come yet, doh!)
• Box of books for consignment
• Headful of NAUGHTY

What's left to do?

• Charge camera (oh yes, there will be photography)
• Charge phone (I'm certain to be "lost" half the time)
• Formulate actual opinions

Hope to see lots of lj peeps!

A schedule reminder

We Love Them, We Hate Them, But What Horror Films are the Best? Thursday 6:00 p.m. Evergreen 4
Phillip Brugalette (M), K.L. Young, Mark Henry, Lorelei Shannon

Writers and Blogging Friday 2:00 p.m. Cascade 4
Mark Henry (M), Lisa Mantchev, Cindy Turner

Die Laughing Horror's Not Funny! Or is it? Friday 4:00 p.m. Cascade 6
Michael Ehart (M), Mark Henry, Richelle Mead

The Elements of Fear: What Makes Horror Effective Saturday 10:00 a.m. Cascade 6
Philip Brugalette (M), Mark Henry, Christopher Konker

Autograph Session 2 Saturday Noon Evergreen 1 & 2

What Makes The Horny Little Devil So Red Hot? Saturday 3:00 p.m. Cascade 10 18+
Mark Henry, Richelle Mead, J.C. Hendee, Barb Hendee

The Worst Way to Die - Horror Films Have the Answers Saturday 6:00 p.m. Cascade 8
Julie Hoverson (M), Mark Henry, Phillip Brugalette

Crossing Gender Lines Saturday 7:00 p.m. Cascade 6
Michael Ehart (M), Mark Henry, Gordon Van Gelder

It Takes a Village to Raise a Zombie Saturday 8:00 p.m. Cascade 13
Mimi Noyes (M), Mark Henry, Robert Grey, Cat Rambo

Reading: Mark Henry Sunday 2:00 p.m. Cascade 3