Happy Hour of the Damned Casting!

I wish. No no. A while back someone asked who I'd like to see play Amanda, Wendy and Gil, if the Showtime thing ever gets off the ground. I gave some flippant response, but kept thinking about it. This weekend my wife and I settled on Selma Blair as Amanda. She's snippy, has quite a bit of edge and I'm certain she'd get the satirical aspects. Wendy was tougher, but today I thought about that movie Thirteen and how Evan Rachel Wood is this dark bundle of gloom inside this pretty blonde shell, right? Totally Wendy.

So...I went in search of pictures for this blog post and what do I find? Only this...

Now, I have no idea who the girl on the left is, but with that expresseion, she could be Karkaroff. What say you?

Oh...and I still haven't figured out a Gil or Ricardo. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said…
Re. casting for Gil: Graham Norton (Graham Norton Show, Saturday night, BBC America, between episodes of Torchwood). Even if the physical appearance isn't spot on, I know he'd be perfect for the banter and facial expressions during those lovely three-way conversations in HHotD. Just finished the book, by the way (prominently featured in New SF section, Barnes and Noble, with its misleading but very attractive cover art), and I loved it! The language is wonderful and hilarious. It is always dangerous for a man to write a woman in first person, or vice versa. However, I think you carried it off in superlative fashion; but then I'm a guy,too... Can't wait for Road Trip. Best wishes.