Stuffs! Stuffs! Stuffs!

I'm blogging about Succubi, Meredith Viera and my host over at Jeri Smith-Ready's blog. Swing by and maybe win a signed copy of HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED (at this rate, there'll be no need to buy one).

A review from debut author Rayo Casablanca (6 Sick Hipsters), who I'm giving you a heads up on right now. We'll be talking about him in a few years like he was Chuck Palahniuk, so get in on the ground floor. Fresh news like this is akin to insider trading, so don't let me down.

I've received a whopping 2 entries in the Zombie Devil Duckie Quiz Contest, what's up with you people? Bathing is made much more fun and terrifying with a Zombie Devil Duckie. You've got one more day. Swing by the League of Reluctant Adults to see how to enter, and scroll, bitches. You gots to work!

Plus, you'll never guess what came in the mail today. Ladytron tickets! I'll be taking my sweetie to see her favorites for her birthday weekend. In honor of such a momentous occasion (receiving tickets, not the birthday cuz that'd be a little weird to celebrate it two months early) let there be LADYTRON...