Movie Grab Bag with Clover, Straight Razors and a Fetus

It's been a while since I've blogged about movies, and as I've seen a few recently that I actually enjoyed, I'll do just that.

First up is Cloverfield.

I've been intrigued to the point of obsession with the vague viral marketing of this quasi-horror Godzilla remake, so why did it take me a week to fork out my $10. The reviews, and particularly the Blair Witch camera work were a deterent for my wife and I hate to go alone. Saturday, I got my way.

I won't lie. Cloverfield is a chore to watch, three of us went and two got sick (those are bad odds, people). The shaky cinematography of the trailers are some of the most still shots in the film. Endless periods of running, images slurring in the movement, and stuttering sound, actually forced me to look away, and I don't even get motion sickness.

That said. I loved it.

Here's a summary:

Scary monster--or monsters, if I can be so bold--attack New York, sending skyscrapers crashing to the ground and people scattering like roaches. Boy searches for lost love, cameraman in tow. People die! I hate to say any more, lest I ruin it, but for Christ's sake in the event of a monster attack, avoid the fucking subway and friends searching for lost loves--they're the worst.

Next up, Sweeney Todd. I really enjoyed myself, primarily due to Helena Bonham Carter's performance. She was amazing, as usual. When breaking into "Try the Priest," I nearly coughed my diet coke onto the row of texting adolescents in front of us. Sacha Baren Cohen = awesome. No one seems to mention him, with all the Johnny love. Cuz, honestly, Johnny looked like Cruella Deville in this one.

Anyway, worth a peek. On to my favorite. Hell, everyone's favorite.

It is against the law in many states not to love Juno and for good reason. Diablo Cody's amazing dialogue and kick ass story had me drooling for her next story to hit the screen. I'm also digging her EW back page editorials. Ellen Page--excuse me Academy Award nominee, Ellen Page--is Juno, precocious as hell, smart-mouthed with the intelligence to back it up and pregnant as a pause. If you only know this actress from her small role in the Xmen movies then you missed out on one of the most horrific films of 2006, Strange Candy (go rent it and watch it now, I'll wait here).

Juno is as hilarious as it is touching. There are scenes with Michael Cera (Arrested Development, Superbad), that hint at such emotional depth that I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him accepting an oscar some day. Don't wait for video on this one.

We also watched two DVDs this weekend. Daywatch, the sequel to the awesome Russian film, Nightwatch, was a dissappointment. A true urban fantasy on the screen is usually a cause for celebration, but not one as convoluted and indecipherable as Day. Despite some truly arresting visuals, it's probably best we stick to Sergei Lukyanenko's novels.

Fido, on the other hand, was the most charming zombie flick I've ever seen. And I mean that in the weirdest sense possible. Take the ending scenes of Shaun of the Dead and Pleasantville (including some of the same actors), toss them in a blender with some innards, and you've got Fido. I thought it was brilliant, sweet and only a tad bit gross, except for the frequent necrophilia elusions.



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