Contest, Review Roundup and an ANNOUNCEMENT!

A conversation with my agent last week led to a weird realization. Even though the book is scheduled to go on sale February 26th, it could show up on shelves as early as Valentine's Day. That's like next week.

Oh my God!

If anyone wants to play the photojournalist and send me pics of my book in the wild, I'd be really psyched, I'll probably pee myself. So much so (not the pee, the psyched), I'd send the first person a signed copy of the book and pick a random person from the rest of the photos for a second copy. So it's a contest.

A Contest!

I've been really honored to have some nice words said about the book, both here, from my friends on lj and now, the review sites are starting to post. Here are a few...

Anna's Book Blog
Darque Reviews + Interview
Fantasy & Sci-fi Lovin' Book Reviews
Janicu's Book Blog

And just a quick bit of pimpage to say that our very own alchemuse has started a book blog, with reviews and ramblings and such. I'm proud to have Happy Hour be one of the first reviewed (Damn You Anton!). You gots to check them shits out over at *headdesk*!

And now for the announcement part.

This may be hard to believe, but through no direct pimping on my part, HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED was chosen to be the March book for the Barnes and Noble Paranormal Book Club. They're currently featuring Richelle Mead's SUCCUBUS ON TOP, so you know that conversation's gonna get wild. I'll be swinging by daily in March to talk about Amanda, Wendy and Gil, plus all things vile and disturbing. I can't even tell you how excited I am, and to think I had to keep it under my hat for a month.

Here's the linkage...

Barnes and Noble Paranormal Book Club

Preorder Happy Hour of the Damned at B&N*
Order Succubus on Top at B&N and get in on the fun early.

*check out the second review, I've been Klausnerized--to steal a term from Cherie Priest.