Some Goals and a Winner

I've enjoyed life this past year, moreso than the previous 10, I guarantee. What with the book deal, the career change, the blogging and meeting so many great people (both online and off). But, despite finishing my first novel and delivering it for sale, I've developed some bad writing habits.

So this year...
• I will write everyday (and blogging doesn't count), writing comes before promo, internet, everything (except family, obviously).
• I will write during two distinct sessions per day, morning and afternoon (morning has been my lazy time and by six I'm too distracted to write anything remotely resembling a sentence).
• I will finish three manuscripts (ROAD TRIP OF THE LIVING DEAD, DARK RITES and AMERICAN MINIONS).
• I will meet all my deadlines *cough* January 15th *cough*.
• I will read a book a week, instead of watching so much TV (I can't really pinpoint when my reading scheduled wained).


It's out. Not really resolutions, per se, I've got those, too (lose weight, exercise, be more social). Cuz I've been terrible ever since I got back from New York. I ten pounds of bad. Now, my wife and I are sitting here watching Inside Brookhave Obesity Clinic, feeling only marginally better about ourselves. Anyone notice that all today's shows are about weight loss? I gotta get outta here.


We have a winner in the first ARC Contest of 2008.


Email me your address and I'll get that off to you in my next post office run.