I Nearly Peed Myself

Before I jump into todays new pages, I have to comment about a film that I'm dying to see. Literally. I can feel the years shaving from my life every day I have to wait. You see, it's Clive Barker's MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN!

Aw hells yeah, peeps! Say it again. MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN!

I read a lot of horror, starting with Amityville back in the 5th grade and progressing from there. Mostly of the grocery store paperback variety, even some bad novelizations (THE FOG, HALLOWEEN). I was an addict.

Or was I?

I like to think of those years as training. And the professors of the genre were undoubtedly Stephen King, John Saul, Ira Levin and Peter Straub. I tore through King's work, couldn't get enough. Read some twice (THE STAND)--and that's no small feat for someone as distractible as me. But when Clive Barker published his BOOKS OF BLOOD, he snared a fan for life.

The collection of stories was groundbreaking, disturbing as hell, and completely visionary. I still remember the tag line and it's been years since I actually held one of the 3 volumes.

"Everyone's a book of blood, wherever we're opened, we're red."

Or something like that. It appeared in the opening story, CROSSROADS (I think). Creepy. But not nearly as creepy as what came next. MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN is by far the most effective piece of short horror fiction I've read to date and I'm dying to see it on the silverish screen.

Sure. I know it's probably going to be bad. After all, Hollywood massacred THE MIST, but MIDNIGHT'S premise is very basic, very simple and absolutely horrific.

I expect nightmares.

All aboard!