An Evening of...What?

Caitlin Kittredge wasn't there last night to hear a big announcement, so I'm posting it here so she can share in the magic, catch the fever, bask in the glory, all them shits.

It happened at the Patricia Briggs/Yasmine Galenorn/Kat Richardson signing (which has already been detailed by Richelle Mead with true photojournalistic fervor, swear to God, go see!). Duane, The Tall Man--but not the one from Phantasm--who many of you have run into at cons, the paparazzi layouts in Locus, and/or the magnificent University Bookstore in Seattle, always takes a few minutes to report upcoming author events. He gave us the run down on Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, and of course, Lilith Saintcrow and Richelle Mead's January 18th Hoedown (with an "e" as to be less inflamatory). And then he said it...

On March 27th at 7:00 pm, the University Bookstore proudly presents...


Aw hells yeah, the audience erupted into "oohs" and "aahs".

He went on to say...

"First time novelists Caitlin Kittredge and Mark Henry will be reading from their (fantastic) debut novels, Night Life and Happy Hour of the Damned, answering questions and signing books (some of them their own)."

I'm paraphrasing, of course, and interjecting, if I may. And the oohs and aahs may have been my stomach growling, but you get the picture.

The rest of the evening was great. Patty filled me in on the local eccentricities of the Butte, Mo. area that is home to a key scene in Road Trip, to which I'll be forever greatful. There was much feasting, imbibing and discussion of books, authors, and victorian erotica, which gave me the idea for a filthy little Dickens-esque voyeur perv who peeps something he wishes he wouldn't have.


Good times.

Oh and Missy wrote up a snazzy little review, in which she admits being converted (or subverted) by HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED! It's the awesomeness! See for yourself.


Anonymous said…
Wow Mark that is awesome. You can bet I will be at yours and Richelle's. Was truly sorry to miss out on last night.
By the way I read the Harrowing last year and enjoyed it quite a bit.
Mark Henry said…
Hi Synde,

We'll see you there. I'm so far behind in my reading it's killing me, but I look forward to the Harrowing.

Have a good weekend.