Hazy Holiday Recap

I hope everyone's holiday was as awesome and exhausting as it should be. Ours was particularly crazy with Christmas Eve with friends, two Christmas dinners with separate families and the inevitable Christmas money shopping frenzy on Wednesday.

I got tons of great stuff, particularly from Caroline who created a framed collage of my whirlwind publishing year, bought me School House Rock! Magnets and these Oh-So-Swank Zombie Action Figures (I'll be expecting the victims set for my birthday)...

Feel free to be jealous.

Of course, there were books, too. I got C.E. Murphy's HEART OF STONE (just in time for the League of Reluctant Adults Book Club), Linnea Sinclair's DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES (for obvious reasons), Charlie Huston's THE SHOTGUN RULE, Dean Koontz's THE DARKEST EVENING OF THE YEAR and Jenna Black's THE DEVIL INSIDE.

As well as a certain ARC, that I'm not really reading yet, but decided to give Anton a holiday present in the form of photographic evidence.

Speaking of the League, how jealous are the other four gonna be when they see this?

That, my friends, is the handiwork of tmthomas. Trés lovely, oui? For those not in the know, that's me on the far right, Anton has the devil horns, the ladies can decide who's who from there. I'm not touching that one.

This also seemed to be the year of DVD series, 30 Rock, Supernatural and Nip Tuck all made it under the tree, which is oddly prophetic in regards to the plotline of Amanda Book 3. But, I'll leave it at that.

Speaking of Amanda, I'm still beating her into shape and January 15th is swiftly approaching to kick my ass, so I better get back to it.


Hold on...

Did I forget to mention this last present?

Smokey! Previously named Lester, but after the tragic molester comments of December 23, was quickly renamed.

Happy New Years E'erybody!