WWJD? Grow, Apparently.

On Saturday, we hosted poker night, partly to catch up with friends and celebrate a birthday and partly just to get rid of the lingering Thanksgiving leftovers. Fun was had by all (though I can't guarantee this, as I didn't do a poll, or anything). As nights like these go, we never got around to actually playing poker, due to more triptophan than is legal, I suspect. Instead we sat around the TV, feeling bloated and watching the only Intervention not having to do with speedballers and alcoholics. No. In honor of this gluttonous holiday, A & E served up a heaping dish of Anorexia Nervosa.

Do you smell that? It's the salty scent of irony.

Anyway, that'd be the end of that story, had someone--our good friend, Jo, to be specific--not brought us the following item:

wait for it...


Aw yeah! Like a portent from God himself (or herself, or them, depending) I was bequeathed my very own Grow Jesus! Is it a sign? I like to think so.

It's a sign of good times, ahead.

Why just check this out...

The box says that the amount of Jesus's growth is directly correlated to the amount of water in which he is submerged (though I fully expect that he'll either float, or stand atop it). It promises up to 600% growth, what other male do you know that can deliver on that one? Needless to say, Jesus is going to be going in this container...

I won't be satisfied until he's life-sized. Not since Richelle Mead's Black Snake/Bath Tub series have I been so enthusiastic about a home science project...or is it a theological expedition?

The experiment begins December 1st. I'll post progress periodically, as well as, assess whether my Christmas spirit escalates as a result of the increasing mass of Jesusness in our Master Bath.

Check back!


Anonymous said…
I have to leave a comment about our Savior - Jesus. My hubby will no doubt delete this, but I think Jo bestowing this small trinket from Sin City is a sign.
This xmus will be the bestus, where TV crews and our drunk neighbors will come from miles to view Jesus in our dirty, plain white bathroom. Since it's ~ 'tis the season ~ we will request donations. These donations will fund a 50 inch LCD high def TV, so Jesus will be able to watch his PTL angels spreading the good word to millions, or for him to watch Nip Tuck.
Oh yes, Jesus is wellcome in my bath. TTFN
sugar skull said…
Just think of all the sins that can be washed away with a ready supply of a tub full of holy water.