Maybe Voodoo Can Save You From the LKH Zombies!

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I'm in my family room, recovering from all the Laurell K. Hamilton madness (and there was madness). Tons of fans (I felt like a spy), some of whom were quite verbal about their polyamory (I wish I could take an SOS pad to my mind to get the image out). Ms. Hamilton is a charismatic speaker, I'll give her that and her fans ate it up, with ferocity (they would have gladly eaten the author, as well, I fear). As Cherie said, "(Regardless of what you think of her writing) she's doin' something right." I have to agree, the turnout was impressively salivating. Overall, I enjoyed the evening. Thanks in no small part to cmpriest and Kat Richardson. That's katatomic to you eljayers. She's cross-posting her blog here, so show her some love.

The page proofs went back to Kensington yesterday, so I'm relieved that I can focus entirely on the manuscript. Particularly since everyone on my friendlist seems to be typing their fingers bloody. Solidarity! *raises fist* LKH did have some words of advice on writing. She said she started by writing two pages a day, five days a week. I know of at least three writers in the back of an auditorium that raised their eyebrows.


The fireplace is roaring (or whatever the verb is to connote a reasonable gas powered facsimile), and it's entirely true that the neighborhood is blanketed in an appropriate mid-Fall fog bank (as opposed to an inappropriate one, which I'll leave to your creativity to elaborate). I'm listening to Four Tet do that acid jazz/experimental thing (3625 Pt. 1), while I write about vodou ritual and haute couture (who knew describing incantations and processes would be so difficult?).

Help me Papa Legba!


sugar skull said…
Cripes, I think my brain zombiefied from reading the last LKH Anita Blake. It explains a lot. I can't wait to read Happy Hour of the Damned!
Mark Henry said…
Soon, Perla. Soon.