Catching Up With...

Haven't been around much, but I have a reason. Chaz, our 12-year old yorkie, stopped eating on Friday--never a good sign. He slept all weekend and I took him into the doc yesterday morning. It's NOT the big C, although the vet did bounce that around as a possibility. It's some kind of gastric infection and he was dehydrated. They filled him up with subcutaneous fluids until he looked like a hunchback, then he slept some more. This morning? He's like a brand new dog, only grouchy. He's eating, drinking his water, still sleeping. He's twelve and purebred so that part is expected.

Today, after I finish up the chapter I'm working on, I'm heading down to Borders and Half-Price Books to pick up Jeaniene Frost's Halfway to the Grave and John Levitt's Dog Days, and look for the expanded edition of The World is Flat over at the used store. Would someone mind telling me how it's fair to sell a book twice. I know this book is sitting upstairs in the bookcase, but Caroline's professor wants them to read the "expanded" edition. I think I'll ask Kensington about releasing an "expanded" Happy Hour in 2009.

We're doing The Trouble with Titles over at the League, so you know you want to check that out.

The gang is going to see Laurell K. minus Richelle who is hunting for a Bill Clinton photo op. I must confess, I haven't read LKH since Guilty Pleasures, so I'll have to fake it when I meet her (joking). Anyone else planning to go see Ms. Hamilton at the UW Bookstore signing on Thursday?

I'm getting excited about next week (I'm going to New York to meet up with my editor, agent and all the good folks at Kensington). I haven't been to the city since we lived upstate--I think I was four? My hotel is near MOMA, so I'm all over that. Not sure what else I'll do, other than kick around the park and go to the the Met. Try to meet up with a few people.


That's where I'm at. Back to personal shopping with Beth Liebowitz, voodoo priestess.