Well Lookie Here

What say you?


Joe said…
LOVED the novella. In fact I have a warm place in my heart for the entire coke-enduced SKELETON CREW collection (it did include "The Raft," after all.) I remember being 16 and devouring the whole thing in hardcover.

Also love Darabont. Is it possible not to?

Funny thing, when I was in San Diego, Thomas Jane was visiting my editor pitching his graphic novel; only my own ignornance prevented me from hanging out with TJ and getting the skinny on what promises to be a kickass project of the first water.
Mark Henry said…
Yep. I've been waiting for this one since High School. Loved Skeleton Crew. Wasn't The Raft in Creepshow 2?

My dream King movie: The Long Walk.
Joe said…
The Long Walk would the perfect low budget screamer. A cast of unknowns and a big tank. You could shoot the whole thing in Australia for next to nothing. Investors, take note.