Oh Yeah, and I Write, Too

It seems like weeks since I've posted anything about my actual writing. I promise I'm writing. Swear to God. Except when I'm not. When I'm not, then you can be sure I'm blogging, coming up with crappy novel starts, cleaning up dog poop, and/or reading (MAGIC BITES, right now).

Oh, and googling. Today our topic is the highs and lows of self-googling.

Let's start with the lows. A few days ago I told you about our day at Bumbershoot. In that post I mentioned that a band called Alabaster "sucked dog dicks so hard." Now, admittedly this was pretty harsh criticism for a band that I wouldn't have liked simply due to the style of music, but take into account that the Exhibition Hall has acoustics for shit, and I probably owe an apology to Jennifer and her pals.

Did you see that?

Oh yeah, Jennifer's a self-googler like yours truly--she left a really polite comment, despite my ugly words. The danger is in finding stuff you don't really want to see. Now, I expect my fair share of bad reviews on HAPPY HOUR; I'd be foolish to expect everyone to enjoy my flesh-eating heroine. What I wouldn't be expecting is someone's snap judgment.

Thanks Jennifer. Thanks for the lesson. You guys keep rockin'!

Now for the highs. A couple of days ago, I self-googled and found two different livejournals that were so enthusiastic about HAPPY HOUR that I nearly asphyxiated on Diet Coke. Both had my cover displayed and seemed to be counting down the days to the release. Can you believe that shit. I love them.


Which brings me back to writing. I heard back from my editor on ROAD TRIP OF THE LIVING DEAD; it got the go ahead based on the outline. So I'm gonna push that one out like some kidney stones and try to get my secrect project into a readable state. I'm really excited about this one. I'm calling it DARK RITES; it's another urban fantasy comedy, only with more sex and celebrities!