New Links and Updates

First up, my hump day blog is up at League of Reluctant Adults, on things to do when you f**k up your manuscript. Anything helps, right?

Joe Schreiber's Chasing the Dead is out in mass paperback, so you cheapskates who couldn't pick up the hardcover can immerse yourself in his zombified terror.

I've added new links to the sidebar...

Gorgeous paranormal author, Michelle Rowen, who had the following to say about HAPPY HOUR: "Dark, twisted and completely hilarious. I loved this book!" Do you see how she makes me adore her?

I met Devon Monk at the PNWA conference a while back, she's got a new paranormal series coming out soon from Berkeley.

Fellow Reluctant Adults, Jill Myles and Ilona Andrews have been added, as well. Ilona's latest book, Magic Bites, was recently reviewed here. You'll love it.