Name this Post and Get Some Kudos (not the candy, you pathetic binger)

Yesterday, I got one of those Ticketmaster alerts in my email. This one was for a band I'd never heard of, The Bird and The Bee. I googled them. And no, not every google I do is about me. So, I pop on over to their myspace and am magically transported to a 60s lounge in Rio? No. Sao Paolo. There are white Barcelona chairs and lucite drink stands, my martini is as dry as my humor, and the girls are dancing in slo-mo.

Did you feel it? Ladies did you notice your skirt shortening and your hair flipping? Gentleman did your pants crop at the ankle and your shoes go pointy? Well mine did. Sure lounge is an acquired taste, like scotch. But once you're hooked. You're hooked, man.


I'll have you know, Ilona Andrews has posted a chilling account of life in a mafia run funeral home that will have you giggling. It's over at--where else--The League of Reluctant Adults. I'll bet Ilona likes some lounge. You know what else she likes? Giving shit away, that's what. She's got a special offer on the table for all of her advertisers: the chance to win either a signed copy of Magic Bites, or an ARC of Magic Burns (November). So whatcha gonna do?