Horror Movie Triple Bill: 1971

I first saw Let's Scare Jessica to Death on a lending library projector, I'd love to see it again. It is a genuinely scary take on a certain overused movie monster. I won't say which because it's the twist in the film. You gotta get a hold of this one.

There's even a website devoted to Jessica, and it's rated "GP".

I haven't seen the next two, but I totally would, if only for the kitsch. The first of these is Werewolves on Wheels. It clearly stars famous radio DJ Wolfman Jack, but that's never mentioned.

Come on, it's from the Fanfare Corporation, so you know it's pretty good. This movie is screaming for a remake. The FIRST horror/motorcycle movie? Was there a second?

The only reason to catch Demented Death Farm Massacre is that it's also known as Honey Britches. Who could resist? Click play and let me steal two minutes and forty five seconds from your life. I dare you.

My favorite part was the triple scream edit. Awesome!


Tez Miller said…
GP? That's either General Practitioner or Grand Prix. Or is it...? (Little help here, mate, me no smart.)

Have a lovely day! :-)
Mark Henry said…
I don't really know either. It says rated GP at the end of that middle trailer. I'm assuming it's the 1971 equivalent of a PG. But who knows.

Did you love them?