Fair Day! Fair Day!

After a quick jaunt to our Goddaughter's birthday party at the enthusiastically named, Pump It Up (one of those party palaces with inflated slides that close up to kids after dark for adult foam parties), we're off to the Puyallup Fair, Washington's biggest county thing-a-ma-jig. It's got rides, which I might actually go on, new products pavilions, huge vegetables and 4H animals, and of course, elephant ears, scones, and all manner of dietary atom bombs. Don't worry none, we won't be depriving ourselves.
We's decided to eat some carbs today. It won't effect the diet anyway. For those not in the "know", when you've been on Atkins for a while, your body adjusts to not having carbohydrates. When we open the floodgates today, it'll be like on Survivor when the contestants get to eat real food for the first time in weeks. Do you get my meaning? wink wink. I'm talking about poop again. Diarrhea, to be more accurate. No matter. The true test of this diet will be the Rotor, a big spinning tube with a detachable floor (hint: only the thin stick to the wall). I'll get back to you on that one.

But, I digress.

I love a county fair, blue ribbons, petting zoos, sliding on burlap, and even the most recent fatality car accident scrapheap (bloodspottage in full view). We're sure to be accosted by the fifties housewives hawking "Touch of Mink", one hand stuck in the Queen's wave. Children crying for more ride tickets while carnies ogle them suspiciously. What's not to love?


As for The League of Reluctant Adults, it's been an awesome week. By friday, we logged over a thousand visitors, people have been enthusiastic about the content, and we've had some awesome pimps. And we're not done either. Today, Anton unleashes our secret blogging weapon, The Weekly Weekend League Interview. This Weekend? Jessica Wade, associate editor at Ace and Roc. You can't pass this one up folks. It's just not possible.

Head on over, I won't take up any more of your time.