Deeply Devoted to Dexter (and other stuff)

We finished watching the first season of Dexter last night, and gotta say that show is easily in my top ten of all time. Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under) is Dexter, brother, boyfriend, blood spatter expert for the Miami PD, and serial killer for the good guys. He's awesome in this role, creepy, funny, and worst of all, believable. The rest of the cast is right there with him (I just realized the sister was Emily Rose). I'd read the book so I knew the outcome of the principal mystery, so it's a testament to the storytelling that I never once lost interest. Can't wait for Season 2.

What else did I do yesterday? Hmmm.

Oh, only met the amazing blue_succubus, or Richelle Mead (author of Succubus Blues and Vampire Academy) at a local bookstore coffee shop, not unlike the setting of her own debut novel come to think of it, except far less quaint. We talked about all the stuff that my friends are tired of hearing about, books, writing, our agent and editor, and some stuff they would have been all over. An hour in an we were surrounded by laptop toting Cold War spies eavesdropping on our every scandalous word. Throwing caution to the wind, we plotted and schemed and I left with a whole lot of information about the promo side of the business that I'd been lax on 'til now. Thanks Richelle!

Stacia Kane has birthed a funny post all over the League of Reluctant Adults blog. Go see for yourself, but don't forget your rubber gloves!