I had to break blog silence to report, Superbad was awesome. When we left home last night, we planned to go see Stardust ('cause we heard it was the new Princess Bride), but lucky for us, messed up the movie time, and went to see Seth Rogan's masterpiece, instead. Jo, our companion for the evening, asked what's it about? I didn't really know, but I was happy to offer a spot summary.

"Teen boys have penises," I said.

First off, the theater wasn't packed and no wonder, the Cinemark thinks it's Neiman Marcus sans janitorial service. The shit was expensive and the floor was a sticky as a porno booth. So, with many seats available, why did the overweight family choose to sit next to Caroline?

The laughs began there. Caroline went into a spiel to the zaftig matriarch of this husky clan.

"Eew. I hate those seats. I had to sit in the corner last time; it was awful."

Jo and I shook with silent laughter. Caroline was foiled (she hates to share her armrest); the family squeezed in anyway.

The movie started and we were laughing from the first scene all the way through the end credits. I don't want to give anything away, so I won't. Suffice it to say, I was peeing myself!

On that note, anyone want to be pee pee pals?