Now, Back to My Regularly Scheduled Irritability...

I'm working off about 6 hours sleep, today, because my wife is taking some managerial something or other for her MBA, and has tons of papers to write. Guess who gets to edit? Not that I mind, mind you. I'd stay up all night to help her, and it's not her I blame for my lack of sleep, anyway. It's the Goddamned garbage man.

About 6 months ago, without notice, the trash company changed the time for pickup from "Whenever They Want after Noon" to "Whenever They Want Before 7 am". I barely got the trash out that day, and every Monday since has been a horranus challenge of Biblical proportions. Put two and two together and, in this case, you get six, hours of sleep that is.

I'd be cranky as hell if I didn't have me a glass from the new McDonald's promotional campaign.

Those folks over at Mickey D's sure are progressive, next week I'm going to swing by for the "cracker" glass. What's your favorite derogatory slogan?

Hmm. Water. Will someone remind me to change out that picture for one with Mountain Dew?