Yeah, But It's a Wet Heat

The national heatwave has made it's way to the Pacific Northwest--100 degrees today--and the dogs have settled into their favorite roles: dying martyrs. The fans are just blowing the humidity up our asses. I'm gonna have to take them to my parent's house (see how I get to use them, rather than admit I'm a heat pussy?).

The folks are one of the ten households in Washington with central air, so I'm going to take advantage of that. Plus, they've got Showtime OnDemand. When I break from writing I'm gonna take in another couple of episodes of Dexter.

The upside of the heat is it makes henna tattoos set quicker. I got my new pack of cones yesterday and I'm planning a big tribal spider design for Caroline's back (if she can stand an hour of my dabbling, I'll take a picture of it and post it). I don't draw, but there's something about sketching on skin. By the end of the month, the left side of my body will be covered in brown doodles.


Heather Brewer said…
You mean Dexter's LaBOratory? That show rocks...but don't let it stand in the way of Foster's Home or Avatar, Mark...that's just sick.
Mark Henry said…
I mean Dexter, the show where the guy's a serial killer who kills bad guys. I just started watching it yesterday, on heat wave day one. Now, I'm hooked. Like I can afford another distraction.

Maybe later, I'll go down to the tack store and pick up some blinders.