I'm Off to See the Wizard...

X-posted from my livejournal.

Today is the start of the Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference, so I won't be around much 'til Monday (not that I've been at all consistent with posts during the Harry Potter maelstrom). So...I'm excited for two reasons. One, I get to meet the magical Jim McCarthy, agent of the many dollar signs (well not that many, just enough to keep me away from a retched 9 to 5). Two, my good friend Monica Britt is nominated for the Zola award **crosses fingers, toes, intestines** we hope she wins.

I know what you're thinking. Mark's going out in public; I hope he's done some laundry. You'd be right. Instead of the grungy cargo shorts, stinky tee, and flip flops, I've washed up a whole load of clean cargo shorts and tees (the flip-flops are non-negotiable, and will take their rightful place on my feet even during the award ceremony). I may even throw on a rolled up sleeve dress shirt and call that "layering", 'cause I'm all about the fashion.

I leave you, my dear iFriends with a lol-han (I never promised not to make other lolpeople, just none of me), because my addiction is running rampant. I nicked the idea from Jen Lancaster's hilarious blog, Jennsylvania, but missed out on her contest, so it's really Jen's fault.


Anonymous said…
Imagine a zombie version of La Lohan:

Iz can haz brainz AND blo?
Mark Henry said…
True, and not so difficult to imagine. Bitch has lost her mind. Sad, too. I loved her in Parent Trap.