This Week's Important TV Moments

Have you seen NINJA WARRIOR? It's this show on the ultra geeky G4 network. 100 contestants vie for the title of Ninja Warrior, by running insanely difficult obstacle courses with names like the spider walk and the warped wall. The game advances in stages, the first takes down most of the contestants. The second gets all but a few. By the time, the last remaining ninjas make it to the third stage they're dangling from their fingertips from the most sadistic gadgets an out of shape writer can imagine. It's hellish and frustrating and I can't wait for the next episode.


While watching NIGHT OF THE COMET on Scifi, I saw a commercial for a pseudo loan-sharking business called Cash Call, Gary Coleman is their spokesmen. In the clip, he says:

"I love you cash call!"
"No one would lend me any money."
Gary breaks into hysterical laughter (some might say...maniacal?)
"Not even my relatives, ha ha ha."

It was insane.
I was stunned.
Then, I burst out laughing, barely holding back my urine.
I'm almost ashamed to say, I wasn't laughing with Gary.