Reading Back Log

There's a huge connection between my waning writing output and a general lack of reading. This week I vow to change that. My reading goals:
  1. Finish Harry Pooterhole (about halfway)
  2. Finish Rant (about a third in)
  3. Read Joe's MS, and get back to him before I look like a dick.


Joe said…
No risk of dickhood. Dickdom? I just got back from San Diego and my editor is also taking his time with the MS. We stayed up late in the hotel bar talking about changes and I'm encouraged by the direction the conversation took. I also pitched "the book I was born to write" to about a dozen people and got lots of positive responses. Also, my new urban fantasy idea arrived on the plane ride home. Now all I need is time.
Mark Henry said…
This has certainly been the week for sitting in bars with book people. I'm leaving tomorrow for another con.

So, the BIWBTW is getting a good response. I like it, it sounds pretty cinematic from what you've told me.

Do you remember SK's the Raft?

I'd be interested in hearing the urban fantasy idea (I've had a big one this weekend myself).