Movie Review: Sunshine

Despite a premise that reaks of Armageddon meets the Core, SUNSHINE is a remarkably good film. I'm continually impressed by Danny Boyle and Alex Garland's collaborations; Trainspotting was awesome and, well, you can imagine my affinity for 28 Days Later. The movie is really two distinct films, a psychological study of obsession, which plays out through the Icarus 2's mental health officer (and a later character that shall be left for your own finding), and a thriller that sneaks up on you slow like a door to door Mormon. Oh there's God stuff, too. How can there not be?

The performances are solid; Rose Byrne is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses; Even Chris Evans was stomachable.

I don't often go in for sci-fi, but SUNSHINE straddles so many themes, I really enjoyed it.


Rayo Casablanca said…
Too bad Garland and Boyle had a massive falling out. I loved the film too.