Yeah, That's Right. I've Eaten the Dark. You Wanna Make Somethin' Of It?

Some of you know about my friend Joe Schreiber (CHASING THE DEAD). If you don't, let me just tell you, he's a sick sick man. As a contest for the release of his new horrorfest, EAT THE DARK, he solicited his blog readers to send him stories about the "darkest thing they'd ever eaten."

Why? Why does he force me to reveal the intimate and embarassing details of my life?

Why am I going on about this incessantly, droning, babbling, on and on? Well it seems I'm the big weiner. If you'd like to read about my disgusting experience (one of the many, it seems), check out Joe's Scary Parent blog.

The prize for humiliation? A signed galley of EAT THE DARK. Totally worth it.