Trip Down Memory Lane: Polyester

I was hopelessly out of the loop when John Water's Polyester was released, so I didn't get to see it in the theater. But a friend did and thank God he's a hoarder, 'cause when it came out on video, I was able to watch it with an honest to gosh Odorama card. Like this one:

Without it, I couldn't follow along with Francine Fishpaw's (Divine) bizarre scent obsession. When scratched, the card triggered glorious odors such as cleaning supplies, farts, and dirty underwear. Pure heaven.

Polyester was my first exposure to "good bad taste" and John Water's brilliance. In it, he revels in foot fetishists, botched home abortions, stormy day hay rides with nuns, retarded princesses, geriatric sex, and, of course, Tab Hunter.

And, now, one of my favorite scenes. A small amount of setup is required. Francine (Divine) is married to a porno theater owner, as the clip begins the two have been accosted by a group of anti-smut picketers. So...

Absolutely is the answer to your question. That was dirty greeting card model Jean Hill in the pivotal role of Sister of the Church.

Hmmmm. Takes me back.